GURPS - TrueBlood

Ectoplasmic Reconstruction

Present: The group decides that the only way to find out what Liam was doing at this graveyard is to possibly contact a Witch. Possibly hire one for their assistances. That hopefully this witch would have some sort of spell that would see what had happened here.

Michael Crow calls all of their cell phones at the same time. Dash answers. Michael explains he had been sent to assist them. When they reached their car, there would be some blue-tooth jaw-bones for them. They have a secure line connecting them at all times. They ask him for a local Supernatural black market.

Upon a bit of research, he tells them a place at the docks, there is a warehouse called: Black Central. This is where they would head next. Michael also finds a witch in the area with a strong reputation with her craft named Daisy.

While on the way, Katsu stops at a small little shack looking to buy possibility a new blade. The Salesmen looks at Katsu and offers him the side quest: The Blade of Change. Katsu accepts the quest. From there, he buys some Shadow Shuriken x3.

Stopping at an Information booth – they find out that Daisy is in The Den. They go to the Den and relizing it’s a fighting ring. Dash finds Daisy in the front by the cage and it appears as if she’s talking to herself. Soma goes up to her and gets in front of her. Suddenly, they hear a splat sound. They turn around to see one of the opponents … exploded.

Daisy looks at Soma…pissed. She’s about to destroy him when she hears her name in the background. The Cowboy approaches her to tell her she now owes 53,000. Daisy cast the spell “Look at Character sheet” on all the players and relized that Katsu would be the best to fight.

She offers an alternative to the Cowboy. That Katsu fights Jimbo. The deal is set – they fight.

Soma decides to give Katsu an extra advantage, try blacking out the top of the cage with his mist form. Katsu uses this to his advantage and wins.

The crowd goes wild!!! Nobody saw the fight and they are pissed! The begin throwing their drinks into cage and booing.

Flash Back: 1994 – Soma was sitting in a Diner when a male approached him. Andre. He says that local area Sherriff wanted to speak with him. Her name was Sofie-Ann. They go to Sofie-Ann’s location where he also meets another attractive female vampire named Haleigh.

They inform him there is a job they need him to do, to “get the file from the safe.” Soma accompanies them to a residents house, and sneaks into the room. In the safe, he gets a manila folder along with a CD-ROM. He then returns and gives the Haleigh.

Present: After collecting their money for winning the fight, they leave along with Daisy. After explain what they need, Daisy explains she knows a spell that can help. It’s called, “Ectoplasmic Reconstruction”

They go the graveyard and Daisy cast the spell. They see Liam asking for two wishes. The first: He does not want to be tracked. Also, in the vision, there is a female who throws a bottle of TrueBlood. Daisy finds the bottle and informs they, she can trace the spell.

With soma as a volunteer and Daisy talking him through the process: Soma goes into an astal projection like state. He shows up at a house. He goes upstairs to find the female talking on the phone. She says “He’s here.” The voice responds with “Ah, he’s 42 seconds late. Has he grabbed the berry?” Soma sees the bush and grabs the berry and wakes up.

He wakes up to see the rest of the party are fighting Zombies, powerful ones where they are processing to come forward. With Dash’s quick thinking, he runs out and grabs the car. He drives forward running some of the over and the party jumping into the car!

– they barely manage to escape.

XP Awarded: 7


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