GURPS - TrueBlood

In the beginning...

Session 1

The session starts off Eric: Head boss vampire, political animal, budding tycoon – from Shreveport has summoned the crew to the Vampire bar Fangtasia. Eric’s has asked the players to look for Pam (Eric is her Maker). Her last location was a Bar called Josephines in Jackson, Mississippi. Normally, it’s customary to alert the Sherriff/Queen/King that you are in their area. One thing Eric stresses is that he does not want the players to make it known of their presences while in Jackson. He wants this low-key. Eric provided travel arrangements via Anubis Air.

After a long flight, the players arrive at the airport (in Jackson) and decide to take two separate vehicles. While driving to the location, Dash (Chris Daum) realizes they are being followed. The players engage. After a brief combat, the engine of the car is blown out and the car is flipped.

Upon investigation, they realize this guy (in the flipped car) has been glamoured and he’s a local lawyer. The players then tie him up and put him in the trunk of Stephanie’s (Nathaniel Allie) car.

From here, the players reach Josephine’s. Outside, there is a Werewolf gang entering the bar. The players go in and are warned by a bouncer goblin, if they make trouble. They will have to deal with him. Soma (Alex Daum) approaches the Bartender and glamours him. He reveals that he has seen Pam two nights ago. She left with a guy named Liam. He gives Soma Liam’s address.

On the way out, a Were from the Werewolf gang noticed Soma glamoured the bartender. Soma fast talks circles around him getting the Were extremely confused. Before an altercation ensues, the Goblin steps in and ejects the Were from the bar.

Nathaniel (John Gonzalez) tips a waitress for any information she might have on Pam. The waitress informs him the same information, as the bartender. Nathaniel also asks details on this drainer who’s provoking him. She tells him the Drainer’s name is Caleb and is Liam’s cousin.

The team, except Nathaniel, leaves to head to Liam’s apartment. They go into the Apartment and find Liam dead. He appears to have been twisted x 40.Going through his wallet; they learn that he was also a lawyer. Dash checks Liam’s cell phone. There is a text message from somebody named Parker that read, “Thanks for the Package. It’s beautiful”

The power in the Apartment goes off and suddenly, they hear “PPPSSYYYYCHHHHIIICCC BLAST!” The wall explodes from the sheet rock dust, walks an Arabic, muscular man named Quinn. Another mysterious creature comes out of nowhere and begins to inspect Liam’s dead corpse. Quinn shoots another “PPPSSYYYYCHHHHIIICCC BLAST!” collapsing half the floor. Katsu (Jeff Messina) falls into the apartment below and is greeted by a family. He is immediately repelled out of their home via threw the front door like he was shot from a cannon.

Ryan, the mysterious creature, tells Quinn to stop. He realizes the players did not kill Liam. Quinn walks away and fades into the exploded dry wall dirt. Ryan apologies for Quinn and leaves via a light door. Dash goes through the door and sees he’s in the world of the Fae. Ryan is confused by this. Dash asks if Ryan has seen Pam – He responds “the new or the old”. Dash replies, “The old”. Ryan says she no longer exists. “The new?” Dash asks. Ryan’s says the location of where the text came from. Ryan tells Dash if he finds out who killed Liam, to contact him via his business card. Dash comes out via another light door.

Nathaniel arrives at the apartment and quickly goes through the room. He cannot find any evidence to on how Liam was murdered. He does find evidence that Pam was at this location; however, there is something different about her he cannot identify. About her smell. Nathaniel calls his contact in order to back track the cell phone number on Liam’s cell phone. Nathaniel gets the GPS information and tracks the phone to an address.

The players arrive at the address. They go into the front door and glamour their way in. Pam is here; but, she’s . . .human. Nathaniel takes a picture of her on his cell, and texts it to Eric. Eric arrives at the house 10 seconds later and knocks down the door. The session ends with him (hissing noise)

XP Awarded: 5


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