GURPS - TrueBlood

The Killer In Me

Ellis has been summonted to Fangtasia by Eric for his guidences. He’s heard that Ellis has connections with the V-Feds and is asking for his consultation on his current situation. Ellis and Eric begin speaking in his office when they hear a droning. They investigate the droning when 10 F-Feds drop out of the ceiling. They are raiding Fangtasia. Eric ask Ellis to inform his group of what’s happening. Ellis turns into a bat and flies off.

Back at the Silent Shore – The Group hears a knock on the door. They look out the peep hole and see Reese the cowboy. They let him in and an followed is an Orge named Krogg. Krogg is about 9+ feet tall and dressed in a very flashy suit and sunglasses.

Reese explains how since Katsu is now the new Champion, they are demanding to see him fight again. After an instigation from Krogg, Katsu agrees to defend his champion ship.

Daisy performs her Stasis spell on Pam, she is not in suspended animation.

Flash Back: Soma is in bed with Haylee. She tells him the manilla file he stole was her son. She has not seen him in a while because she’s a newborn.

They go to the bar. While hear, they find out the a rival werewolf gang named the Broken Shadows had killed the pack leader of the Nightwolves. The second in command of the Nightwolves is Coronal flood.

Meeting with Coronal Flood.

Katsu fights Krogg.

Ellis makes a deal with Reese to represent him with his meeting with Peter Threadgill (King of Nevada).

Katsu wins!


Odizzle Odizzle

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