Nan Flanagan


Dark hair, very confident female, always dressing in business attire.


Nan Flanagan is the spokesperson for the American Vampire League and has intermittently been shown being interviewed on televised news programs within the series. She presents a beautiful, unthreatening view of vampires to the human community at large. She denounces acts of violence committed against vampires (especially those perpetrated by the Fellowship of the Sun during the second season) and denies allegations of vampire attacks on humans based on a lack of evidence.

Off the air, she is revealed to be much more aggressive and not possessed of particularly lofty ideals. It is implied that she is a high-level bureaucrat within the vampire community, working directory for The Authority.

Nan is shown to deal out harsh words and punishments with ease in her mission to make vampires equals with humans. Despite this, she is seceretly a hypocrite; after stating out loud that she only drinks True Blood, Nan Flanagan is shown to have a woman in her limousine that she feeds upon.

Nan Flanagan

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